Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Album Review



This album is awesome!

It covers so many genres, it's crazy.

As Fast As, a recently dropped rock/pop group that is heavily influenced by the Beatles, is one of those rare groups that can produce an album that can be listened to from beginning to end. This new album Destroy the Plastique Man is no different.

If only this is what they had released as their international album with A&M and Octone Records. I feel as though this sound is more them.

Their international release Open Letter to the Damned obviously didn't sell well, because the record label dropped them, but their sound was so tweaked for the album that their long time fans didn't even really enjoy the music.

This new album, however should please everyone.

As Fast As which consists of Spencer Albe, Zach Jones, Hache Horchatta, and Andrew Hodgkins took influences from the likes of The Beatles, Jack Johnson, 70s Rock, The Decemberists and Daft Punk.

Favorite songs include:

Me Ow (Nobody Knows) - this song has a light guitar riff which is followed by light vocals and a catchy tune, it's very Jack Johnson.

Dancing a Muderous Tango - a throwback back to their Rocktopus days, is a great single. It could be a radio hit as well. There's an electric sound with Spencer Albees rough belt and some smart lyrics.

For an independent release this album is awesome. I hope it goes far!

You can order it on their MySpace or you can order a hard copy from BullMoose Music.

I went to the same high school as Spencer and Zach, I've been listening to them and attending concerts etc from the beginning.

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